In Memory of Joey Giannone
Vision Repertory Company honors Joey Giannone for his professional filmmaking and screenwriting.
Joey Giannone

Joey started his directing career with the entertaining comedy shorts, "Betsy & Me" and "The Platform King".  He made his feature film directorial debut with the suspenseful thriller, "Madman".  Released as a theatrical feature in all major domestic and international markets, "Madman" was selected by famed critic, Joey Bob Briggs, as one of his Top Ten Drive- In Movie Classics Of All Time.  On the strength of its word of mouth popularity, "Madman" was recently re-released on DVD and VHS by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Following his success as the writer and director of "Madman", Joey focused on screenplay writing, resulting in the creation of many varied screenplays.  He also indulged his love of theatre with directorial stints on play produced specifically for off-Broadway.  Jumping back into the film world, Joey completed postproduction on his latest feature film, the intense emotional drama, "Three Way Split", which he wrote, produced as well as directed.

Joey's versatile artistry was reflected in his ability to write for most entertainment mediums.  He had written numerous screenplays - the aforementioned "Madman" and "Three Way Split, which he also directed.  His work has attracted interest from several film companies, notable amongst them, Films "Around The World," which had optioned Snow Warriors, and Royal Pictures' optioned of Calle Ocho (Eighth Street).  Prince Productions optioned Framed For Murder, and then had hired Joey to write "Retribution."  His other screenplays were "My Son! My Son," and "The Bench Between."  Joey was also the writer of the memorable children's audiocassette series, "Sherlock & Doc".  Angels of Merci was also his first novel that he wrote.

Joey produced, not only wrote and directed Three Way Split and co-produced his debut feature, Madman - he also had worked extensively in numerous productions known as "Leaning Curve, Nightsongs, The Clonus Horror, and Under This Sky.

Joey Giannone will be missed at Vision Repertory Company not only for his talent and skills but also for the joys that he brought us as an art community and a family.