Ms. Roxanne Alese has written 17 plays and 5 screenplays.
These 2 plays were her largest and most successful.

Written and directed by: Roxanne Alese
Produced by: Roxanne Alese

Off-off Broadway Showcase, presented at the Grand Theatre, located in the Producer's Club. April 2001. Synopsis: "Exit to Miami" is a look into the seedy side of the bar business, as seen from a bartender's point of view. The lead character, club owner Jimmy Donato, (played by Rob Cividanes), has dreams of owning his own place in a scenic Florida location. His plans are derailed when he jumps from a small neighborhood bar in Queens to a glamorous nightclub in Manhattan, where he is seduced by a fast and dangerous lifestyle. As his life begins to revolve around the bar and its patrons, he begins to lose everything that matters to him, and eventually ends up settling for a shabby bar in a rundown Brooklyn neighborhood. Alone, addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and unable to escape his surroundings, he becomes another casualty of the business in this powerful piece that exposes the intense repercussions of an industry dedicated to the consumption of alcohol.

Obscene language, partial nudity, violence, and explicit drug scenes give "Exit to Miami" the full texture of street behavior in the neighborhood bars. Based on actual events.
Written and directed by: Roxanne Alese
Produced by: Andrew T. Michaels

Off-off Broadway Showcase, presented at the Grand Theatre, located in the Producer's Club. September 1999. Synopsis: A split-stage reveals the two separate lives of a well-known actress and a prominent psychiatrist that will eventually become intertwined as the story line threads them together in a complex and horrifying portrayal of drug addiction. Lead characters Domino (played by Alison Robertson), and Paris (played by Andrew T. Michaels), take the audience with them through their struggles to maintain their personal and professional lives, as they encounter the lower Manhattan drug scene. Particularly riveting are those scenes set in the authentically reproduced "Limelight", one of the most infamous clubs of the Rock and Roll era. With a soundtrack dominated by such artists as Iggy Pop, Motley Crue, The Black Crows, Guns N' Roses, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Panacea" successfully depicts drug abuse at one of the most popular venues of its time.

Explicit portrayal of drug use, nudity, and violence create a hardcore presentation. Based on actual events.

"PANACEA" was sold to a film company in 1999.